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VITO NACCI- essence of the brand

° The VITO NACCI brand was born in Milan over 50 years ago by Vito Nacci. His innovative vision leads him to create furs and coats in exclusive materials, highly tailored workmanship, special design, casual shapes, exclusively Italian production - designed for the comfort of demanding and cosmopolitan customers.
° Since 2004, Olga Nacci has taken over the management of the brand and is particularly involved in the style and production.





 VITO NACCI - company history- over 
50 years of Italian craftsmanship and        fashion 

° The 70s - From the beginning of the 70s the search for a new image of fur was created, making it contemporary, giving it a new and fresh look.
° The 80s - The opening of a new atelier in the prestigious Via Durini 11 , where quality models and exclusive design are made. Imaginative prints transform each creation into a true work of art that remains unforgettable .

° 90s - in the 90s the VITO NACCI fur was always interpreted as a coat made of fabric. The garments were distributed in stores in Japan, Russia, Korea, the USA and obviously bought by exclusive Italian customers. In addition to its own line, VITO NACCI began collaborating with other fashion brands with stylistic and production consultancy.





° 2000's - Since 2004, OLGA NACCI takes over the management of the brand.

Olga Nacci transfers her experience in the field of fur also to the outerwear in fabric. for this reason she chose the double-face fabric, which is still sewn by hand today. Some models are embellished with accessories and fur inserts.

°Each collection is strongly realized according to the best craftsmanship skills.